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Item specifics
  • Item Type: Foot Rests
  • Brand Name: E-Moto
  • Item Weight: 355
  • Item Length: 13
  • Model Name: Foot Peg Rest
  • Material Type: Steel
  • Condition: New
  • Surface Finish: Bracket: Black / Peg: Galvenized
  • Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Rear
  • Mounting Bracket Length: 45mm
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 10mm
  • Rubber Footrest Length: 85mm
  • Rubber Footrest Width: 35mm
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Store Name: Flying Bird Store
Product Description


Brand New Footpeg Bars (Left and Right)

Right AND Left peg included in the purchase!
Note: Please see Pics and Specs prior to purchasing, to ensure these pegs will work for your specific model!
Mounting Bracket Color: Black
Mounting Bracket Length: 45mm
Mounting Bracket Width: 30mm
Mounting Hole Diameter: 10mm
Rubber Footrest Length: 85mm
Rubber Footrest Width: 35mm
Total Peg Length (Including Bracket): 130mm
See pictures for additional measurements to ensure this is the right footpeg set for you!
Note: These pegs will only accept a 10mm bolt (not included)!
Z50, Z 50, Z-50, Z50A, Z50-A, Z50R, Z50-R, Minitrail 50, Mini Trail 50
C70, C 70, C-70
CT70, CT 70, CT-70, Trail 70
C105, C 105, C-105, C105T, C105-T
C110, C 110, C-110
C115, C 115, C-115
C65, C 65, C-65
CS65, CS 65, CS-65
S65, S 65, S-65
CL70, CL 70, CL-70
SL70, SL 70, SL-70
CL90, CL 90, CL-90
S90, S 90, S-90
SL90, SL 90, SL-90
C200, C 200, C-200
CA200, CA 200, CA-200
C201, C 201, C-201
CT200, CT 200, CT-200, Trail 90
CT90, CT 90, CT-90
ST90, ST 90, ST-90
CB100, CB 100, CB-100
CL100, CL 100, CL-100
SL100, SL 100, SL-100
CT110, CT 110, CT-110
C92, C 92, C-92, CB92, CB 92, CB-92
CB125, CB 125, CB-125, CB125S, CB125-S
CD125, CD 125, CD-125
CL125, CL 125, CL-125
SL125, SL 125, SL-125
CA95, CA 95, CA-95, Benly Touring 150
CA160, CA 160, CA-160
CB160, CB 160, CB-160
CL160, CL 160, CL-160
CA175, CA 175, CA-175
CB175, CB 175, CB-175
CL175, CL 175, CL-175
SL175, SL 175, SL-175
CM185, CM 185, CM-185, CM185T, CM185-T
CB200, CB 200, CB-200, CB200T, CB200-T
CL200, CL 200, CL-200
CM200, CM 200, CM-200, CM200T, CM200-T
CM250, CM 250, CM-250
C71, C 71, C-71, C72, C 72, C-72, CA72, CA 72, CA-72, Dream 250
CB72, CB 72, CB-72, Hawk 250
CL72, CL 72, CL-72, Scrambler 250
CB250, CB 250, CB-250
C76, C 76, C-76, C77, C 77, C-77, CA77, CA 77, CA-77, Dream 305
CB77, CB 77, CB-77, Hawk 305, Super Hawk 305, Superhawk 305
CL77, CL 77, CL-77, Scrambler 305
CB350, CB 350, CB-350, Super Sport 350, 350 Four, Twin and Four Cylinder Models
CL350, CL 350, CL-350, Scrambler 350
CB360, CB 360, CB-360
CJ360, CJ 360, CJ-360, CJ360T, CJ360-T
CL360, CL 360, CL-360
CB400, CB 400, CB-400, CB400F, CB400-F, CB400T, CB400-T, CB400TI, CB400-TI, CB400TII, CB400-TII, CB400A, CB400-A
CM400, CM 400, CM-400, CM400A, CM400-A
CB450, CB 450, CB-450, CB450SC, CB450-SC, CB450T, CB450-T
CL450, CL 450, CL-450
CM450, CM 450, CM-450, CM450E, CM450-E, CM450A, CM450-A
CB500, CB 500, CB-500, CB500T, CB500-T
CX500, CX 500, CX-500
GL500, GL 500, GL-500, GL500I, GL500-I, Silverwing, Silver Wing
VF500, VF 500, VF-500, VF500C, VF500-C, VF500F, VF500-F, Interceptor, Magna
VT500, VT 500, VT-500, VT500C, VT500-C, Ascot, Shadow
CB550, CB 550, CB-550, CB550F, CB550-F, CB550K, CB550-K, CB550SC
VT600, VT 600, VT-600, VT600C, VT600-C
CB650, CB 650, CB-650
GL650, GL 650, GL-650, GL650I, GL650-I
NT650, NT 650, NT-650, Hawk 650 GT
CB700, CB 700, CB-700, CB700SC, CB700-SC
VF700, VF 700, VF-700, VF700C, VF700-C, VF700F, VF700-F, VF700S, VF700-S, VFR700, VFR 700, VFR-700
VT700, VT 700, VT-700, VT700C, VT700-C
CB750, CB 750, CB-750, CB750A, CB750-A, CB750F, CB750-F, CB750K, CB750-K
VF750, VF 750, VF-750, VF750C, VF750-C, VF750F, VF750-F, VF750S, VF750-S, VFR750, VFR 750, VFR-750, VFR750R, VFR750-R
VT750, VT 750, VT-750, VT750C, VT750-C, VT750DC, VT750-DC
VT800, VT 800, VT-800
CB900, CB 900, CB-900, CB900C, CB900-C
CB1000, CB 1000, CB-1000, CB1000C, CB1000-C

Package Included: 1 Pair

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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: Pair
  • Package Weight: 0.55kg (1.21lb.)
  • Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: Pair
  • Package Weight: 0.55kg (1.21lb.)
  • Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
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